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We Are MSPoffer

We are passionate about helping Minnesota homeowners avoid the stress of selling their houses the traditional way and beautifying MN one house at a time.

Top-Rated Cash Home Buyers in Minnesota

We’re Here to Help Minnesota Homeowners

MSPoffer is a full-service real estate buyer. We buy condos to larger multifamily or commercial properties for cash or terms quickly. If you have a real estate problem we would love to help you solve it by a cash purchase or taking over and covering your mortgage payments. Forecloses, divorces, probates, bad tenants, or just a relocation can turn a piece of real property into a problem. We are here to assist you quickly with customer service as our first priority.

About MSPoffer

Hi! I’m Gene, a homeowner in Minnesota. I purchased my first property at 25 years old, then completed my first flip shortly thereafter, leading to many more transactions. My interest in real estate developed very early on; I recall reading books about buying property, structuring purchases, updating properties, and managing rentals when I was just fifteen and sixteen years old.

At MSPoffer our goal is to help sellers ease the stress and hassle of selling a house. Save time and money by selling to a professional cash homebuyer.

Why We Are the Best In Minnesota

We purchase cash as is but also on terms.  Terms purchases or creative purchases can provide a wide variety of solutions for property owners.  
If properties have little to no equity we can look at more creative purchase options where cash purchase would not work. Having a vast knowledge in structuring creative purchase options can help sellers with potential tax implication when selling real property.

Real Estate is more than a passion it’s an obsession, helping people move on from burdensome properties is extremely fulfilling. Seeing the transformation of properties go from lots of deferred maintenance to tastefully remodeled never gets old. Improving neighborhoods to city one property at a time.



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